Monday, May 30, 2016

The JumpGo Project: Part 2

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What We Need Are Tabs...

After the fist version of JumpGo was built and usable I wanted to add tabs to the browser's various features. I had very little experience with tabbed elements and even less experience with creating a reusable content form in VB.NET or any other language for that matter.
I think I spent three whole days scouring books, forums and search queries. Frustrating as it was, I figured it out. All it would take is a new main form with a tabcontrol and a few lines of code that creates a reusable form with the contents of the browser form and adds it to the tabcontrol.
I was about to implement this change when I started to wonder if the tabs would even work. So I decided to fork my JumpGo browser and created the temporary "TabGo browser" to implement the changes.
The changes worked brilliantly and thus I merged the changes back into the main JumpGo application. Now JumpGo uses tabs as a standard feature.This was a huge step in JumpGo's development.
 Questionably, I made JumpGo open as a maximized window every time it opened. Also I added a 'close tab' button inside the tab content and not on the tabcontrol itself. But give me a break. This was my first successful attempt at a tabbed web browser.
Now that I've added tabbed browsing to the the list of features, I still had a problem with speed, script errors and compatibility, all to do with the fact that JumpGo was using IE's Trident engine. I wanted to fix this problem and remove the dependency of IE by switching to another rendering engine but I didn't know how big of an overhaul this entailed.

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